Flowers and Stuff

So, I was briefly talking about the flowers that I had managed to keep alive so far this year and the tragedy that occurred with Ashley’s tomato plants (I say Ashley’s because I don’t care for tomatoes).  I went out today to care for the plants and add to my compost and noticed that several little tomato spouts were popping up.  Yay!  Hope isn’t lost for having a few fresh tomatoes… (I wonder if praying to Saint Joseph somehow helped this… I mean he is buried in the yard.  Maybe his good vibes oozed through soil and helped the little spouts survive their maiming?)

First off, here is the compost.  It began a few years ago as soil.  Along the way I add left over pieces of veggies, banana peels, oats, eggshells, etc.  I then mix it by shaking and pour a little water on it.  After a few weeks the stuff decomposes and I can add a little to my plants or whatever.  (That reminds me.  I need to get my tree out from last year that I was trying to grow and see how it does.)

Here are some flowers that we bought as (cover your ears) Wal-mart.  It was a last minute purchase to add to the porches because someone was coming to see our house.  I decided to try and keep them alive and they have actually done really well.  These have doubled in size.  Are these Pansies?

These are on the front porch in Ashley’s sheep planter.  They haven’t done as well because there is so much sun on them I struggle to keep up on my watering before they start to wilt.  They still look nice though.  I think these are Marigolds? Correct me if I’m wrong…

And of course the little tomato sprouts… I counted about 7-8 in the two planters.


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