What’s Happening

So, I’ve been pretty slack about posting.  Not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I’ve been so busy and I haven’t thought about it when I’m at work and get a chance.  Every minute that I’m not at work it seems like I have something going on.  Running is taking up and increasing amount of my time.  I’m running about 20-25 miles a week now.  My long run this past week was 10 miles which I ran on the beach.  I go to MapMyRun.com prior to my long run days and make a route.  I go a different route each time to avoid boredom.  So far the training is going well.  I’m building endurance and doing some speed workouts.  I could complete a half marathon at this point in my training but there aren’t any coming up in Florida because it’s so hot (and I want to train more before I attempt it so my confidence level is higher).  Seriously it’s sweltering.  I’m having to plan my running now around the temperatures.  Long runs have to be started at the crack of dawn to avoid heat stroke as the sun comes up.  I will call this reason # 257 that we are moving.

I’ve been busy around the house as well.  I’ve manager to keep two flower pots of flowers alive.  We planted some tomato and pepper seeds as well BUT, something (I’m guessing a raccoon) knocked over the tomato pots.  I think it may have been rooting around there because my composting bucket is next to it.  I carefully placed the soil and plants that fell out back into the pots and rearranged them so they can’t be knocked over but I don’t know how they will do.

Nothing new on the house front but I have started applying for jobs in Vermont.  We figure if something good comes up I can take it and move up there.  Ashley will finish out the school year here and move up with me over the summer.  That is just if I were to get a job offer though.  Other wise we will just wait here until the house is sold and then look for jobs.  I talked with a friend of mine in the real estate business and he is going to set us up with an aggressive agent if the house isn’t sold by June.  The place we like up there isn’t a real hot property so we aren’t very concerned that someone will buy it before we get a chance to move up there.  Though it would be worth it to get an inspection on the house to make sure it is something we can handle.


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