Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday and the last day of Spring Break 2010.  We have returned from our trip more excited than ever about moving and ready to get going.  We spent almost the entire time in Vermont driving around and looking at houses and towns.  We discovered that we are most interested in 2 different areas.  One is the North East Kingdom, which is very rural and just about as far north as you can get without entering Canada (which we almost did once on accident).  The other area is near St. Albans and not far from Burlington.  Both of these areas have their benefits and their downfalls.  We looked at a property in Bakersfield (near St. Albans) that we liked.  It would need some major revamping on the house to make it livable as it is a seasonal camp that would need to be winterized and finished.  It could be very nice though.  It sits on 20 acres and we would need to build a barn as well for the horses.  We looked at a property in Troy (North East Kingdom) that we like a lot.  It is a 1900 farmhouse that needs a lot of work but would be livable with a few upgrades.  It sits on 57 acres that includes pasture land and 20 acres of maple trees.  There is a sugar house, a large dairy barn with storage above, a small green house, and a barn area that our horses could live in.  The house is huge.  If it came down to the 2 places costing about the same we would choose the old farmhouse.  We are waiting to see what happens with our house here and the farmhouse would need to be inspected before we were more serious about it.  It is all very exciting though.

While we were there I only ran once but partly I did so to test out the running in the cold.  It worked out fine.  After a few minutes I was warmed up enough that the cold didn’t bother me.  The only thing I would think about doing is getting some kind of mask type thing for my mouth and nose because the air was really cold.  I’m just getting back to my regular training now.  I’m up to a 10 mile long run this week and still into it.

As for jobs… we went by hospitals and towns in all the areas we looked at houses.  I’m keeping a watch on the job postings at the hospitals and other company’s I’d like to work for.  We have talked about my applying for jobs if they come up and moving up first if the job is worth it.  When the house sells Ash would follow and get a job up there, too.  We’ll see what happens.

On our first day back from the trip we got a call to show the house which as you may imagine was super exciting because we were jazzed up about getting this thing sold.  We had conveniently not had enough time to mess up the immaculately clean house (which I spent several hours cleaning the day before we left just in case we were called about showing the place while we were away).  We had about 20 minutes to get up and get out as we had been lazing around all day.  I had to call to follow-up with the realtor but she did say that a couple from Chicago looked at the house and liked what they saw (esp how clean everything was, yay!).  They have a house that is under contract in Chicago and can not make any offers until they close on it but we may hear something from them in a couple of weeks.  The realtor said that there had been a fair amount of interest in the house so she is optimistic about selling it.  (Which is good for her because we certainly will not be renewing the contract with her if it isn’t sold by the time it ends.)

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