Spring Break

Our trip is finally approaching.  We have been working daily on getting in touch with realtors in different areas so that we can view the different property listings that we are interested.  With each day that goes by we are more and more interested in farming as a living.  I know this sounds far fetched as most small farmers are getting out and there is no money to be made because of the large scale producers that are making cheap food and selling it cheap, but that is exactly why we do want to get into farming.  We want to be able to sustain ourselves and support our local (not Florida local) community with reasonably priced quality foods.  Because of this we are looking at properties that have existing farmland and places that have the potential for it.  There are tons of things to consider but we are ready to wade through all of the obstacles to make it happen.  The first step is selling our house which we are doing all we can.  Second step is looking at these places and considering the possibilities and what we would have to work with.  Next we will be working on a business plan and researching.  There is a lot of work to be done but we are up for it.


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