Running and More

I’ve updated my sidebar and taken away the counter for my race.  I ran the 5K eight days ago and decided that I would continue my training so that I could cross an item off my “Things to Do Before 30” list.  I decided to train for a 10K!  Only, I ran this past Monday and realized that I was already in good enough shape to run a 10K.  Yay!  I found one, signed up and ran it yesterday.  I completed it, 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes.  I’m not a fast runner by any means and I’ll probably never be competitive which is fine because my goal was to complete a 10K.  I did it!  Afterward, we walked around Winter Park (where the race was) and there was a farmer’s market which really reminded us of how much we want to move.   We bought a flat of fresh strawberries, key limes, asparagus, handmade pasta and a heirloom tomato sampler (Ash was in heaven).

We also walked around and found a ton of cool living green stores and this cute little doggie outside a pet store…

I will be finding a new counter to put up as I’ve decided to continue even further in my training to run a half marathon and then a marathon.  I am going to work on my speed as well but looking forward to building up my endurance.

This whole long story about my running is my justification for having little to say on other fronts.   Although, we did spend several hours yesterday weeding, mowing, cleaning, trimming, etc. our yard and several hours today cleaning and organizing our house because we had an open house today.  I haven’t talked to the realtor yet but I am assuming someone showed up.  She sent our hundreds of postcards and ran an ad in the paper the past few days.   We are hoping that the right person comes along soon so we can get going on finding a place to live and a job in Vermont.  We are leaving (note the counter to the right) for our trip in 11 days.  We are going to be taking resumes and looking at properties while there and we are very excited about it.


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