Alas, I have a house selling update.  I finally got fed up and called the company that our realtor works for.  I expressed concern with her lack of communication as well as our dissatisfaction with what she has done for us so far.  I then called the realtor and miracle that is was, she answered the phone and was ready to please.  We are now having an open house either this weekend or next.  She is adding our listing to more online sites and publishing adds in a few different local real estate mags.  She is aware of where we stand and what we want done.  She also gave me the name of a realtor in Vermont that has already responded via email.  I feel like things are going to pick up for us.  I think that when the house does sell everything is going to be happening really fast.  There is going to be a lot of work and planning to be done.  We have mapped out about 20 properties in Vermont to look at during our trip and have started booking rooms.  We may book a room at the Lyndon Motor Lodge for a few of the nights (3rd night is free!).

On another note, we are constantly reminded why we want to move.  I’m reminded why every time we watch Rachel Maddow.  Friday night she was broadcasting from San Francisco (where she grew up) but now lives in rural Mass and New York.  Her show is so smart and funny and truly jaw-dropping at times.  She reports all the lies and crap that are spread around by everyone in politics.

I’m also reminded every time I look at my dog lately.  She is such a sad looking little thing.  She has bad allergies that the vet thinks wouldn’t be so bad in a different climate.  She has been itching her back and legs contantly.  It got the the point that we made a special T-shirt/robe/diaper for her to wear to stop her from scratching her hair out.  It’s one of my old lifegaurd shirts that we ghetto tied in the back to look like a diaper around her butt.  If I think about it I’ll get a photo of her.

Took this of Dancer and Dude yesterday.  Dancer will be happy with the cool climate, too (He gets the itchies a lot).


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