Get Realtor

I’ve been holding off on posting anything until I felt like we had some news to tell.  Unfortunately, the only news that I have is related to not hearing from the realtor.  I called her a few days ago and left a very nice message about wanting to talk about the house.  She has yet to call me back during her scheduled call returning times.  I called her in the first place to talk about doing an open house and ask if the house is listed in any local publications because I’ve lost confidence in her.  At this point we are hopeful that someone will buy the house before the contract with the realtor is up, but we are not happy about her getting the commission that we feel she doesn’t deserve.  Everything that she has done (listing the house online with sites like Trulia and Zillow), I could have done for much cheaper than 6% of the sale price.  Ashley and I have discussed briefly the options with regard to the house not selling by our preferred time.  We have tossed around ideas like renting the house while it stays for sale (with a different agent of course) and changing our moving deadline.  We’ll see what happens.  There is still plenty of time to make our timeframe work. 

On a better note, we did hear back from a realtor from Vermont.  We have been recieving some property listings from him and plan to look at a few places with him when we take our trip. 

Finally, a cute picture to lighten the mood…


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