Some thoughts…

We are starting to get prepared for our trip up to Vermont next month.  I know it is soon but we want to make the most of our time there.  We spent some time yesterday looking at properties online.  We are going to get organized so that we can see as many as we can.  We also will potentially look at barns up there for boarding.  Not that we plan on boarding, but it would be interesting to see.  These little guys want a cool house:

Depending on the situation as the trip gets closer I may go networking a little for a job.  If someone is buying the house by the time we go, I definitely will use some of the time up there to find a job.  Finding a job is only the second most nerve racking issue with moving.  The first being selling the house.  I’m not concerning about finding a job, I’m concerned about what jobs will be available to me when I’m looking.  I’m not incredibly picking about what I do.  I just want to make at least what I make here in Florida (which is not a lot).  I feel pretty good about my chances of getting a job with my degree.

PS Only 14 days until the 5K!


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