House Project

(It’s Tuesday and I’ve still not heard anything from our realtor!)  I’ve been really busy the pass two days around the house.  I finally completed a small house project that I’ve been meaning to do for a month or so now.  I was going to re-caulk the shower in the master bathroom.  Considering it’s a new house I feel like it probably shouldn’t have started peeling off already but what do I know about that kind of stuff?  Anyhow a couple of months ago I noticed it was peeling up around the bottom of the shower.  Since then it has gotten worse and started to look bad because of the constant moisture making things a little bit moldy looking.  This morning I got out my tools and caulk gun (with half of an all-purpose caulk tube I used for the bathtub a few months back).  I fought with the old caulk far too long and finally got it all out and ready for the new stuff.  I engage the gun and nothing; must be stopped up.  I get out a screwdriver and fixed that problem.  Alas, now I can get to work.  Not.  The caulk had apparently been sitting too long on the garage shelf and hardened.  It was useless.  So, I get dressed and drive down to The Home Depot and buy a new one (and some 9V batteries as the smoke alarms, there are eight! in our house, have been going off in the middle of the night).  I get home and get to work.  I finally got it finished about 2 hours later than I thought.   But, it looks so much better.  Now if we could just get someone to look at the house and buy it, I will feel like it was my hard work on the shower caulk that did the trick.  Heh.


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