Uneventful Days

A rather uneventful few days has passed with regard to selling our house.  Finally, I called the realtor on Thursday about the showings from last weekend (because I hadn’t heard anything) and found out that one buyer was interested but the realtor had sort of, kind of, expressed that we wouldn’t be interested in how much they wanted to pay.  If I’m not mistaken, that is our choice as the buyer.  If someone if going to make an offer of course it is going to be low and we can try to compromise.  Our realtor was going to call that buyer’s realtor and try to patch things up and see if they were still interested.  She was then going to call me.  That was Thursday.  This is Sunday.  I have not heard anything.  In the meantime, we are trying to be patient being very whiny and impatient and hope that she is doing whatever she can to sell the house.

Otherwise, I’ve been at work for the past five days.  In the afternoon I’ve been running to prepare for the 5K race I’m signed up for in one month.  I’ve also been painting (I’m going to be posting some photos of that on the Artistic Endeavors page).

There was a tornado warning on Friday for our area.  Somehow while watching a recorded program the National Weather Service managed to scroll the warning across the screen.  How do they do that?  So, of course I made Ashley switch over to the news and watch the weather.  Turned out the tornado warning was for our direct area and the rotating clouds were a couple miles south of our house.  I paced around the house like a fool and got our Flip UltraHD out just in case.  (Ash says: much more compelling footage than an actual tornado would have been watching Mandi pace around.  I think one of her top reasons to move is the lack of tornadoes.) It passed.

At work yesterday a homeless man in wheelchair (he had only one leg) that I was helping to the bus stop asked me to go to a motel with him.  After the initial disgust and need to shower off the grossness that this left me with, I began to wonder if this would have happened if I were in Vermont.  I would guess not.  I know that when people from other areas of the country think of Daytona Beach they think: beach, water, warm, fun, sun, family vacation.  When you live here and work in certain fields you come to see the other side: seedy, dirty, overrated, homeless mecca.  Of course, I may still be bitter about the motel thing…

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