Weekend Update

As it turns out, our house was shown twice this weekend.  Wish I had more updates but we have not heard from the realtor with feedback yet.  We did end up going to the art show, but as it rained Saturday, we went Sunday instead.  I took along our new Flip UltraHD (videocamera) and played around.  I’ll post some photos from the show soon.  We made a rule that all future art that we buy must look good in a Vermont farmhouse.  We only made one purchase at the show, a paper clay sculpture called Alley Cat.  I took these photos from the artist website (www.terrilawson.com):

A close up:

Alley Cat is the greyish one with his head down.  The other is House Cat which was sold at a previous show.  Overall, the show was a success for us.  It was a bit chilly which meant that all of us Florida people dressed for a blizzard.  I wore my long sleeve flannel shirt and people asked me if I was cold all day.  My response: “I’m preparing for a beautiful summer day in Vermont.”


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