House showing

Yesterday I was driving home and it had been a few days since we have heard from our realtor which had left me a bit antsy. Not that a few days without hearing from her was a long time, I just go through impatient phases. I can’t imagine how someone might feel that has had their house up for sale for several months or a year even! Regardless, my phone rang and it was a realtor that wanted to schedule a showing for Saturday. Of course, even if we had plans that would be fine. After talking with her for a few minutes about the prospective buyer, I hung up to call Ash and give her the news: we have to clean again.

We aren’t by any means dirty or messy people, but when we both work things tend to end up where they are dropped (it doesn’t help that with three indoor pets the hair collects quickly) until I get a nervous twitch and have to straighten and clean up. This happens often so we usually have a pretty clean house. The problem is, I’m a slight perfectionist completely anal retentive and when things aren’t just right, especially for something like showing the house, I get a little crazy. Ashley loves this. Not.

Tomorrow morning will be spent straightening up, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and maybe even doing some lawn work. For the showing itself we will be MIA as we don’t like to be present when other people are looking at and judging our stuff. Mostly, we just want the awkwardness level of going into another person house to be at a minimum. We definitely had some awkward moments of our own when we were house looking and didn’t care for it.(Ash: also known as questionable pot growing) Hopefully our house is just what the buyer is looking for. To avoid the showing we are going to the Images Art Show in New Smyrna and it should be a nice day for it!

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