Just some thoughts.

It was only a month ago that we were in Vermont and we are already planning another trip there.  Our house has been on the market here for about seven or eight weeks and we have already had a few showings and an offer that we declined (it wasn’t an outrageously low offer, it just wasn’t what we wanted at this time).  With interest being shown in our house we figured that we should probably take a look at some places in the area of Vermont we are interested in living (near Burlington and St. Albans).  Having the crew that we do, we want to essentially buy a small farm and house and fix it up.  We have been talking with a realtor via email and looking at listings online and have decided it’s time to go look in person.  If it works out we will likely be spending spring break up there.

Selling our house here was the most unknown factor about moving, a close second being finding jobs.  It’s difficult because you can’t go seriously looking for jobs when you still have a mortgage here to pay and yet when the house sells and you find another place you have to have a job to pay for it.  We are lucky to have Ashley’s parents who have agreed to let us stay with them during the time in limbo.  Hopefully, everything will go smoothly enough.  So far we are pretty confident about selling our house here and excited to look at the places in Vermont.  We have a great time talking about what we could do with acreage and already have future plans for a little farming (which is right up our alley due to our organic eating and mild crunchy granola lifestyle). We definitely need space for the horses.  Ashley has aspirations to have sheep (mostly for the milk to make cheese), which I think could be cool but also a lot of work.  I want chickens.  I will build the coop and all that myself.  We might try growing a few fruits and/or veggies; we’ll just have to see.  We have to deal with our current hurdle: selling our New Smyrna home.  Then we can move on to the next.


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