A post about weather

When most people think of severe weather in Florida, immediately they think hurricanes and lightening. Even though Florida is the “Lightening Capitol of the World” or something ridiculous like that, lightening does not scare me. I mean, FLASH, BOOM, AHH! And it’s over. Hurricanes are pretty prevalent here as well but you can certainly see them coming on the radar. They can be very destructive and devastating, but they can be predicted. In fact, shame on us for not having a “hurricane kit” at the ready. What I’m really afraid of is tornados (and flushing public toilets, but that’s a totally different post). I think this is partially due to watching too many tornado movies as a kid (Twister!) and partially due to their unpredictability. I cannot wait to get out of this area. It seems like with every thunderstorm that passes through (which is everyday in the summer) there are tornado warnings and watches. I used to check the local weather for warnings or watches every time I heard a heavy rain outside or saw a flash of lightening. I think sometimes this made Ashley want to punch me, especially when it was the middle of the night. I’ve gotten much better. Last night I woke up twice because it was pouring and I didn’t turn on the TV either time. Nonetheless, I’ve consulted the very professional Dave Busch, weatherman for WCAX “Vermont’s Trusted New Source for 55 Years” to see if this fear will be a problem after we move:

Q: Do we get tornadoes in Vermont? –Dave’s Answer:

A: Vermont does get tornadoes, although they’re relatively rare. The average number of tornadoes per year for Vermont is closer to zero than 1, and the tornadoes that do occur tend to be much weaker than the ones out in the Midwest. Even so, 34 tornadoes were reported in the state between 1950 and 1999.

I’ve got to say, I like this answer. I’ve also heard that when they do have tornados they aren’t nearly as powerful. Hooray for Vermont another time!


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